Things Theological

Things Theological

 Over the past 40 years I have been asked to write articles on theological matters for various magazines.  Some of them were of a transient nature and not worth a longer shelf-life that the day they were published. Other items were of lasting interest, and many of those are re-published here.

Many of these were published in Light And Life magazine, under the category of “The Deeper Path: Doctrine”.  These were designed for those readers who wanted to dig a bit deeper into issues of theology.  At the close of those articles there were 3 categories to further thought or application.  They bear the subtitles (1) Think it Through, (2) Take Action, and (3) For the Small Group Leader.  Feel free to follow their guidance or ignore them.

Other items were prepared for oral delivery at conferences, and were not always published in printed form, but may have been recorded on cassette or cd. Those I am publishing here in their printed form.

I have entitled these published articles under the rubric, Things Theological, since that is the over arching theme that unites them.  They follow no particular order, other than alphabetical. They are not intended to be read in any particular order, some might pique your interest, others may hold no interest to you. Like a smorgasbord; take what you want, leave the rest for others of more peculiar taste.

David N. Ashton


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