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The Preface to His Prayer

Matthew 6:1-18,  Luke 11:1-13 The disciples of Jesus had prayed all their lives.  They belonged to a culture and to a religion that had taken prayer very seriously.  Prayers in the homes, prayers in the synagogue and prayers in the temple were ongoing … Continue reading

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Isaiah 53

Isaiah Chapter 53 This section of the Book of Isaah is a strange passage.  In its original intent it was a poetic description of the godly Israelites who had paid a high price for the sins of their fellow exiles in … Continue reading

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The Significance of His death – Our Healing

Isaiah 53:3-6   James 5:13-18 1.         The Controversy Today I want to touch on an issue of great controversy.  For most of this century there has come to the fore a debate over “Divine Healing.”   There are those in the church that have said … Continue reading

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