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The Upper Room

The Upper Room Mark 14:12-16, / Luke 22:7-13 / Matthew 26:17-19 There are places that have become so meaningful, that to mention the place is to flood the mind with memories that move us to the very depths of our … Continue reading

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The Twelve Apostles

  Who Chose Who and Why? Very early in his ministry, Jesus decided to gather disciples around himself. ¬†Many chose to follow him in those early days; men and women, young and old, people from the Galilee and from Judea. … Continue reading

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Tell Me a Story

For the first 15 years of my life, my family had no TV. But we had books; lots of them, thanks in part to a nearby library.¬† Our entire family grew up to be book worms. Then, when Amy & … Continue reading

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Distressing Psalms

The book of Psalms is a hymn book. It is a collection of hymns that was used first by the people of Israel primarily for services of worship in the temple in Jerusalem and in the synagogues of scattered Judaism. … Continue reading

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I remember the past 50 years, planning for the Advent – Christmas season each year, thinking about the 5 weeks at the close of the year, and asking what shall I speak about this year. I would look over the … Continue reading

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The Seven Deadly Sins

Over the past 50 years when attending conferences of Church leaders I hear the invited guests talking about things regarding which I am quite inept. I have planted no churches, I do not lead a rapidly growing congregation, I am … Continue reading

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Book of Revelation

Intro to The Book of Revelation For me, it all began when I taught a course at Maple Grove Family Camp in Thamesford, Ontario. I had been asked whether I would be willing to teach a course on Prophecy & … Continue reading

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