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The Preface to His Prayer

Matthew 6:1-18,  Luke 11:1-13 The disciples of Jesus had prayed all their lives.  They belonged to a culture and to a religion that had taken prayer very seriously.  Prayers in the homes, prayers in the synagogue and prayers in the temple were ongoing … Continue reading

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Isaiah 53

Isaiah Chapter 53 This section of the Book of Isaah is a strange passage.  In its original intent it was a poetic description of the godly Israelites who had paid a high price for the sins of their fellow exiles in … Continue reading

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The Significance of His death – Our Healing

Isaiah 53:3-6   James 5:13-18 1.         The Controversy Today I want to touch on an issue of great controversy.  For most of this century there has come to the fore a debate over “Divine Healing.”   There are those in the church that have said … Continue reading

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Consumers or Communicants?

Matthew 6:1-6,16-21.  Isaiah 58:1-12 I Corinthians 11:20-22, 33 1.         Shrove Tuesday This coming Tuesday is called Shrove Tuesday.  Sometimes it is called Pancake Tuesday or Fat Tuesday, or Mardi Gras.   The New Orleans festival of Mardi Gras is world famous.  It is the day of the … Continue reading

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Easter !

Over the years I have long read the lectionary. I read it for two reasons. First for personal nourishment, and secondly to help guide my preaching over the years. I used the Western church’s lectionary, being a part of the … Continue reading

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A Kaleidoscope

A kaleidoscope When I was a child, I remember  the pleasure I found in a kaleidoscope that was given to me as a present. Every minor turn of the tube would bring a different design, pattern and effect. I was … Continue reading

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Pesky Parables

Jesus was a teacher.  Some have said that he was was one of the worst teachers, because he confused most of his hearers. He is cryptic in almost all the things he said.  He speaks in parables, he says, so that … Continue reading

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The Upper Room

The Upper Room Mark 14:12-16, / Luke 22:7-13 / Matthew 26:17-19 There are places that have become so meaningful, that to mention the place is to flood the mind with memories that move us to the very depths of our … Continue reading

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The Twelve Apostles

  Who Chose Who and Why? Very early in his ministry, Jesus decided to gather disciples around himself.  Many chose to follow him in those early days; men and women, young and old, people from the Galilee and from Judea. … Continue reading

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Tell Me a Story

For the first 15 years of my life, my family had no TV. But we had books; lots of them, thanks in part to a nearby library.  Our entire family grew up to be book worms. Then, when Amy & … Continue reading

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