Bio in brief

Prof. David Ashton

I was born and raised in England, worked most of my life in Canada, and received a substantial part of my education in three countries.

Over the past 47 years I have served as pastor in five churches and have served three colleges as Professor and Academic Dean. My area of academic expertise has been in Biblical & Systematic Theology.  Since retirement I have spent my time writing for publication, offering courses by distance education, traveling as a visiting teacher/preacher and serving as “pulpit supply” for various churches in several denominations in the US & Canada.

I have been married to Amy (Pippin) for 52 years. We have three daughters, three sons-in-law and six grandchildren.

If you want to communicate with me, here is my email address:

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The Prodigal, The Profligate and The Puritan

Some years ago I began reflecting and writing about the story known as the “Parable of the Prodigal Son“. This evolved into speaking at churches and conferences across North America about this story that Luke records in his gospel. In recent years my telling of that story “grew like Topsy” and as I entered retirement, still pregnant with the story, decided to give it birth.

If you would like to read it, check out the menu of this site under the heading “The Prodigal”

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