A Kaleidoscope

A kaleidoscope

When I was a child, I remember  the pleasure I found in a kaleidoscope that was given to me as a present. Every minor turn of the tube would bring a different design, pattern and effect. I was fascinated by it all.  Over the past 50 years of my journey of faith I have come to services of communion, having the same kind of experience.  It seems each time I come to communion, it is in a different season of my life, and I come often for a different reason and experience a different outcome. As the weeks and months turn, it appears that the significance of this service has shifted too.

Communion is also like a diamond with many facets, each one transmitting the light differently. I can never predict what light shall shine forth from this many splendored thing, and so it rarely has become commonplace even when repeated frequently.

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  1. Dee Koza says:

    Thanks for resending your website to me. I look forward to reading your insights.. Dee

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